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Freelance Graphic Designer Esther Ellard | Design Juices.

Finding your work shared by strangers is a good feeling

I wrote this one time to describe a piece of my work, just rediscovered it, sounds so whimsical and pretty now. Lovely.

Proper photos of the wall mural I finished last week. The project is up on my website now

vinyl tape on stairs- jim lambie 

Real cool

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Finished this 15 metre wall mural at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross. The weather was great all week (thank goodness) & everyone there was so pleasant.
If you have have a wall that needs brightening up get in touch, commissions very welcome :)



So I’m working on a wall mural this week. The wall is massive, it’s going well so far though, all drawn up and excited to get some colour on there!

Stubby pencil

Yayy ✌️

I’ve been busy making work! This is not the work exactly, but I thought it looked cool as a tiny line drawing so am sharing, see the finished LARGE work SOON :D